As a multi-disciplinary creative, I strive to challenge my artistic growth and development. It is essential to be surrounded by opportunities that push my artistic boundaries. Within each opportunity, there is a commitment to evolve my artistry from what it was before. Every one of those evolutions pioneer passion and curiosity within myself. My creative purpose is then restored, and the strive for more continues.
My artistic journey is far from linear. There is no end-point, no moment where I want to say “I’m finished.” The curiosity that comes with this journey is perpetual. It travels alongside me, forcing my creative boundaries to expand. Ultimately, my wish is that never-ending curiosity. To wonder and discover, then wonder some more. Apple Orchard is fuel for just that. Acceptance into this residency program would empower me continue my journey.
My desire to contribute to the world of design has lead me through many artistic avenues. I have freelanced with Independent and corporate businesses in roles involving logo identity, graphic design, photography, and illustration. My personal works tackle the ongoing climate crisis through abstract paintings and sustainably made products. I have also illustrated three children’s books, one that discusses the battle for inclusion and diversity. Each of these contributions have been a commitment to making positive change in both my field and the world.
Within my own creative ecosystem, I have found success in fine-tuning my skills and the power to continue pursuing my goals. There are multiple affirmations that I have made an impact. My work has been featured in literary and social platforms such as annual art publications, Pratt Institute Archives, Pratt’s annual Design Show, and My children’s books are showcased at local bookstores across New Jersey and sold through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Google Books.
Though I'm starting to see the influence of my craft, there is a feeling that this is just the beginning. I have been reminded once again, that there is more to discover. More to wonder and work for. My art, that once was a hobby, has morphed into a profession and personal obligation. This opportunity as well as the rest of my journey at Apple is helping me fulfill more of that obligation. It has restored my desire to influence, and is the catalyst for me to help shape the way we communicate design.
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