Final Logo. The larger organic form is a facetted abstracted idea of the succulent.  The four smaller organic shapes are represenative of the minerals used as accents.
The colors are very minimal in value and came upon the idea of straying away from the typical color schemes (greens and other greenery colors) from popular floral franchises.
Variations of the standard sized terrariums: a circular and tear-drop
The use of the rope is either used as decoration (as seen above) or to hang the terrarium from a holder (seen with the circular terrarium)
Seedling packets for customers who prefer to grow and decorate / display their plants to their own fashion
Seedling packets (back)
Packaging for standard size
packaging for minature size
packaging for when a customer purchases a two-set: either avaiable for two standards, or one standard and a minature.
Design for alternative packaging idea (side)
Design for alternative packaging idea (side 2)

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